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Well this is Obviously my gallery. I hope you like it. <:Y



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Check out my other account in the near future: :iconthemisterscribbles:

I love hearing comments from people who view my art. I don't want stuff like 'Your art sucks' or something pertaining to the topic of finding an error and merely pointing it out. If it sucks or I could have done something differently TELL me how I should edit it or fix my error. I'm not going to get better unless I'm informed about this stuff. Plus please don't be that asshole who throws tutorials in my face, if I truly wanted a tutorial I think I'd look it up myself. I am no perfect so get over it. I am still learning to be come better at what I enjoy doing.

Things about me:
Well for starters I am a female and I've been drawing since I was very little. And oh boy have I improved, hah. I'm sure there's a lot of things I could say about myself. I have graduated from high school. For future goals I plan on attempting to try and self-publish comics and make animations where I'll probably post them on YouTube. I have no idea what the future may hold for me, but I do have a desire to spend it with this one person for the rest of my life. Young love, blah blah blah. I don't need a lecture. Other then that, once you get to know and talking to me I'm apparently a really cool person (so I've been told). I spend a lot of my time watching anime or hoarding more manga for my collection. I do enjoy playing a good video game once in a while. I have a big sweet tooth. Um, yeah that me. Well a bit of useless information about me.


You look beautiful Red... by AbominalSnowDemon
You look beautiful Red...
You always have.


This is my contest entry for :icondarlingarmy:
I know I have til April 15th before having to submit anything but I got this idea due to the Gamer side of the Darling Army website ( check out the website if you get the chance it's honestly amazing stuff there). I know she hasn't done any Transistor designs but I saw the Companion Cube and thought about giving Red a pinafore in her trusty weapon's design.

I really like how this turned out. I find all of the clothing on that site is beautiful and just adorable. I don't know how much this really fits the contest of "a feel for what the Darling Army is about" but oh well I might make another entry. 

I recently beat the game Transistor and have fallen in love with it. I've been listening to the soundtrack all day >A<''.

Anyways hope you enjoy!
Follow the leader! by AbominalSnowDemon
Follow the leader!
Its all of offspring from Inuyasha and Kagome, excluding the adopted girl of course. First in line is the oldest who is Daiiki. He is proud to the the oldest of the family aside from Naomi. Next is Aurora (who was originally a stand alone child then it eventually grew so I made 5 kids all together) which is the second oldest and first to gain her fathers canine ears. The third one is Naomi the adopted one. She was adopted by Inuyasha because he felt her pain of not belonging and gave her a place to belong. The one after her is Hazuki which is the youngest and last child they have. He has a strong obssession over bears and is always looking up to his older siblings. Kouta is the last on in the line holding the end. He was a twin to the girl behind him who died shortly after birth. He third born child. Kouta has the ability to communicate with his dead twin.
Shikon Youkai Jewel Page 5 by AbominalSnowDemon
Shikon Youkai Jewel Page 5
Kagome: *I should gather the kids.*
               Kouta! Maomi! Come inside!
Kouta: But mama, Gwen knows where Aurora is.
Kagome: Who's.. Gwen?
             -He's mentioned her before...-
Kouta: She's your daughter she looks just like papa! How can you forget her!?
Kagome: *No, but she;s dead! She died shortly after birth...*
              *I have to trust him, what if he does know.*
              -Here Naomi take Haruki and go inside.-
             Yes, yes I remember. Can you show me the way?
Kouta: Yes, follor me then!
Kagome: O-okay! Naomi stay and watch Haruki and Daiichi!
Kouta: Gwen's in danger! Aurora's possibly in a bad position too!


I forgot to get around and post this. I do really want to continue this little doujinshi of mine because I did start it and I adore these children. Anyhow I got page five down very slowly. I forgot in my original idea I had Inuyasha and Kagome caring of Kikyo's son she had with Naraku. That was originally the plan but I guess Kaede is taking care of him since he has her sisters blood in him. 

Gwen is Kouta's dead twin who he tends to talk to a lot since he can see her. 

My plan was to eventually reunite the dead twin back into this family through some mystical magical ideas of mine but I am unsure if I should and just leave her dead as as a spirit who watches over her family as they grow.

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Azazel And Satan by AbominalSnowDemon
Azazel And Satan
From Binding of Isaac. I adore Azazel so much so I wanted to draw this and I really like the outcome of it.
Little Baby Dragon Gets Colored by AbominalSnowDemon
Little Baby Dragon Gets Colored
I really like how this turned out. I hope it doesn't look weird or anything. This is my first time I've worked with Sai Paint or whatever it is called. 

Anyhow this is my new dragon character Safira. She has teal(ish) eyes and purple and light purple scales. Her horns are a nice light yellow.

Her right wing is a nub due to some of the other kids she was raised with. The other young dragons tended to pick on her for her for being such a runt. One of the biggest of the dragons had decided to swipe at her in a not trying to actually hit her but inflict fear into her but ended up hooking a piece of skin at the bottom of her horn (I don't know what to call those on her wings but besides that) and tore it out. As you could imagine her father was furious at the sight of his daughter being wounded and confronted the parents. Blah blah blah family stuff, she actually has a caring family. After that everyone more or less stayed distant from her in a shunning manner. She grew up surrounding herself around the older dragons such as Silvia. Silvia played a big role as she grew up. Safira never grew up with hate towards those other kids and managed to push any memory of the bullying far out of her mind. 

Safira is a very forgiving character. She is also loyal and very playful. She loves having a companion to play with.

Safira is around 10 years old in this drawing. 
If I went blind,
Would you still show your face to me?
If I ripped the vocals from my throat,
Would you even bother holding conversations to me
If I burst my ear drums causing me to go deaf,
Would you still tell me stories of what you did?
If I burned off my taste buds,
Would you still cook for me?
If I had experienced a accident that robbed me of my touch,
Would to wrap your arms around me despite me not knowing?
If I lost my legs,
Would you still take me on adventures?
But if none of that happened and I just died right now,
Would you still love me even after death?
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