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Well this is Obviously my gallery. I hope you like it. <:Y



Mr. Scribbles
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United States
Check out my other account in the near future: :iconthemisterscribbles:

I love hearing comments from people who view my art. I don't want stuff like 'Your art sucks' or something pertaining to the topic of finding an error and merely pointing it out. If it sucks or I could have done something differently TELL me how I should edit it or fix my error. I'm not going to get better unless I'm informed about this stuff. Plus please don't be that asshole who throws tutorials in my face, if I truly wanted a tutorial I think I'd look it up myself. I am no perfect so get over it. I am still learning to be come better at what I enjoy doing.

Things about me:

1. I'm female.
2. I plan on trying to be a animator and self-publish comics.
3. I have a crazy cat names Yui.
4. I've been in a relationship of four years and counting~.
5. I enjoy looking on the bright side of things.
6. The future looks rather bright to me, despite my job choices.
7. I am very pleased with my life so far.


AT: Cruel Children by AbominalSnowDemon
AT: Cruel Children
My half of the Art-Trade with :iconunlovedneko-chan94: .

The drawing was supposed to be of Shoutaro being comforted by one of his parents after coming home with an injured ear. I decided to go with his father due to an image you previously drew of them. May be like a before image where he just came home.
Beautiful! by AbominalSnowDemon
I almost wanted to post this on my other account but figured I'd post stupid little comic like strips like this on this account. With that aside, I got my wig today and decided to try it on. I'm going to cosplay Red from Transistor and she wears make-up. I've never really handled eyeliner before so it was weird. No matter how I looked at myself I thought I looked really bad with make-up. Which is why I did that. I want to try and do more little stupid comics about my life for fun. Of course it will only be little things I think is funny. It's just a thing to do for fun, ya know. 
Full Breed Child by AbominalSnowDemon
Full Breed Child
I've become fond of this idea of mine where Sesshomaru ends up like his father. Meaning he ends having an affair with a human. In my mind I see him finding a full breed demoness in which he has a fling with and of course produces a child. He has no particular feeling towards the mother of his child having a more attatched feeling towards a certaim human that helped open him up. On the end he found visiting Rin to figure out his feelings. Rin of course had these feeling that grew to a strong love. Sesshomaru gives this love a chance where he finds himself growing a bit fond of it.

I was thinking about a Kohaku and Rin relationship because I have begun to feel fond of that couple but I adore the little babies I drew for Rin and Sesshomaru.
Up you go! by AbominalSnowDemon
Up you go!
I wanted to draw an older version of Daiki, there will probably be other drawings of the siblings olde. And with or without families. Daiki has two kids, both being boys. He ended up marrying a sheep youkai. This son doesn't have horns like his mother but did get her pointy ears. This son is a half breed just like his older brother though his older brother obtained the horns like his mother. Daiki had wanted to travel for a year or so and ended up meeting his future wife on the way. She had helped him when he was in need of a place to rest. She saw good in him and took care of him.
Away! by AbominalSnowDemon
Opinions needed at the end! :<

I really have to say that I think she's one of my characters who really grew over all. I've have had her for a few years now and still draw her over most. In the few years her personality really took a turn as well as her design. She went from being a tsunadere to a more gental yet determined character (sometimes being stubborn). I felt like her design was very stereotypical for what she is for but she has definitely evolved past that, at least I would like to say so. Looking back at her old design I have to say I like this the most. I think she is thr only character who really developed the way she did. I can also say her brother Kouta has also grown despite How little he is drawn.

In this image Aurora is about 8 and is excited about her haircut.

By the way for those of you interested I'd like your opinion on giving her a name change. The reason why is because I want to give her something more japanese verses her latin name. Though because of her having a name for four years now it may not be a good idea. Let me now in the comments and here is a list of names below for ideas on the change:

- Kishi: Long and Happy Life (I like this one)
- Kyoko: mirror (which refers to her having ears like her father)
- Suki: Loved One
- Suzuki: Bell Tree
I really did that. I really just did that sweet lord. 

Okay I feel really stupid I but accidentally deleted my entire drawing folder on my computer as well as from the recycling bin. I'm positively upset. I wish I wasn't constantly emptying my recycling bin like I was and was looking at what was being deleted or even just waited. I have no clue what that means I just lost but it's all gone. I know there was a lot of unfinished drawings done with my tablet that I was hoping to finish one day. I'm glad I didn't accidentally delete my animation folder of hell would break lose. There is so much things that I won't see again. I'm so upset I just felt the need too put this out because of how upset I am.

So much work and so much of those drawings I was proud of and I won't have the original stuff sitting on my computer. May be I should look at this as a clean new slate but I just feels weird that it's gone and that it's not there.

New start, I guess. :T
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