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A guy with grayish hair watched a girl rentally ran her hand in a river. His breath was taken away by her beauty. Her brown hair glicened in the moon light as it seemed to rest on just her. The water's gental current was caught in her blue eyes. He itched to go over and talk to her now that they were alone. He noted she caught a scent and he instantly hid praying that she didn't notice him. After a few seconds he peered out at her again.
She smiled gentaly as her eyes caught a glimps of a shimmering fish. Her smile was illuminated in healthy glow of the stars. I've longed to talk to her in private by why can't I aproach her, he thought. He slowly rested his eyes on her plush cat ears. He slowly took one step towards her with great effort to approach her. She twisted around as her hand flung water up from behind her. The drops of water seemed to set a beautiful image for him to savor.
"Can I help you Satsujin?" she asked in a gental tone.
"No I just curious if I could join you next to the river Ayame," he murmured struggling to keep calm.
"Sure," Ayame said with a bright smile.
Satsujin slowly settled down next to her. He wanted to look up at her but he found himself staring at the rippling river. He felt as it her blue eyes were resting on his face but now on the water as well. Satsujin slowly lifted his golden eyes up at her face, she was concentrated on the fish then made eye contact with him. He couldn't help but think how magnificent she looked under the moons glare.
His hand slowly went on the gorund only to be met up with her hand. Her hand was wet from being in the water. Ayame blushed and turned away fast. Satsujin watched then slowly moved hsi gaze away. He felt her hand slip away form underneath his. A sigh was slipped out form hsi lips.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that," Satsujin murmured.
"N-no its okay," Ayame murmured.
Setsujin looked at her to see her still looking away. He wanted to embraced her so badly. Hes waited so long for her to know how he felt towards her. He know his feelings probly didn't matter to her but he wanted her to acknowledge his love for her. His heart beated fast as he thought of telling her.
Ayame hesitantly looked towards him. Her blue eyes were unreadable as her faced was a bit pink. She's blushing, he thought.
"Ayame theres something I've been wanting to tell you," Setsujin mummbled.
"W-what is it?" she stampered.
"I love you... I don't care if you reject me I wanted you to know," he mummbled.
Tears laced her eyes with surprise. Satsuji swallowed hard at that feeling like he said something wrong. Ayame suddenly hugged him out of know where. He embraced her back tightly. He didn't want to let her go ever. He felt her tail wrap around him as he heard purring blair in her throat. He felt warm inside with joy.
Suddenly a girl with black dog ears poped out of know where. Satsuji gaspe din horror and let go of Ayame and ended up slipping falling straight in the river. The girl birsted into laughter at Satsujin. Ayame gasped and scrammbled over to him to help.
"Your heartless Aurora," he snapped angered.
"Hah your little loooovve scene was getting sickening," Aurora grummbled.
"Well I wouldn't say that aorund Okami," Satsujin snapped.
"Why hes not into romance junk," she grummbled
"Oh yeah well he has a love interest in you now leave us alone!" he spatted. Aurora growled and stalked off angered. Satsujin looked at Ayame and slowly leaned fowards towards. Ayames face turned to a bright read. Satsujin kissed her forehead unable to kiss her on the lips at this moment. He embraced her again. The river flowed swiftly past them.
"I-I love you too," she whispered in hsi ear.
Satsujin was filled with joy as he allowed himself to relax as he held her closely. He hoped hsi father wouldn't be angered for having a quarter breed as a mate but what did he care. She was his mate and not his fathers so no matter what his father said to him he wouldn't listen to a think he said.
He looked her dead in the eyes. Her eyes glew with happiness as she still blushed. He thought this reaction was adoriable.
Ayame is TheDragonInTheCenter's OC in my Inuyasha fanfic. She is a cat demon for everyone ot know. Satsujin is Rin and Sesshomaru's first son (he has a younger brother named Kenpeki).
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