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Inuyasha's Sister: Kimiko by AbominalSnowDemon Inuyasha's Sister: Kimiko by AbominalSnowDemon
Original Drawing: [link]

Kimiko walked through the forest at a slow pace. She had a warm smile on her face knowing when she returned home she'd be greeted by her daughter and mate. Nothing could ruin her mood. Kimiko smirked as she scented a man who was a half-breed. Instantly she began to head after the scent. The guy wasn't to far off from her in the first place and in no time she spoted a red clothing and sliver white hair. He whipped around and looked at her, his eyes showed shock.
"M-mother?" he stampered as he studied me.
"Oh dear little brother, In-u-ya-sha," Kimiko giggled. "It must hurt you for me to resemble mother."
"Well if you didn't do walking around in similar clothing as her I would have this problem!" Inuyasha snarled back.
Kimiko narrowed her eyes at him,"Unlike Sesshomaru, I care for you."
"Well you sure don't show it but hurting me!" Inuyasha barked back taking a step forward as his eyes blazed in anger.
Kimiko slowly walked over to him. He flexed his claws as if he were going to attack her. But she knew him, it was obvious that he didn't have the guts to harm her. Then they were almost face to face, she gentally wrapped her arms around him.
"When was the last time you had a good cry, Inuyasha?" Kimiko said soothingly.
"I haven't cryed recently! It shows I'm weak," Inuyasha grummbled though obviously he has cryed before.
"It's okay. It's okay," She said her voice almost in key with their mothers.
This completely tore Inuyasha up inside making him break down and cry. He glared off into the forest feeling rage and sorrow boil inside of him. Kimiko gentally rubbed his head in comfort.
"It's all going to alright now," Kimiko murmured."Naraku's dead and we all can live peacefully for now."

*Spoiler ALERT for my Doujinshi ---> [link] *

That was the last time Inuyasha has seen his sister till that day Akuma as risen and took Aurora, who has the power to recreate a Shikon Jewel.


I puposely make Kimiko resemble Inuyasha's mother as best I can. The only differents is her kimono and eye color besides personality. Oh and the fact shes 3/4 demon. She closely resembles a human and seems like just a human but isn't.
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July 16, 2012
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