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A women sat outside a hut on the deck. She gentally held a child in her arms who was about the age of three. She hesitantly began to stroke the boys pure black hair. He let out a grunt and stirred as he slept. A guy began to head for the women and child. She glared at him as she huddled protectively around the child. The guy went to the women and gripped her hair harshly from the roots.
"Your pathetic" he laughed.
"Like I care... my only goal from this moment on is protecting my presious child" she said dully.
"The child I gave you my dear Kikyo" he hissed into her ear.
Kikyo shuddered in memory of that. He was her son now and only hers she doesn't care it was his son as well.
"He'll never be considered your child Narak!" Kikyo snapped.
Naraku growled and shooved her to the ground realeasing her hair. Kikyo made sure her son didn't take the impact as she did. The boy slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Kikyp and her messy hair. Kikyo smiled a bit at him. Naraku approched them. Instantly Kikyo scrammbled up and bolted away holding her son close.
"Mama?" he murmured confused.
"Its okay darling Gin, we're going to be safe soon enough" Kikyo reassured.
Gin looked up at his mother wiht his big brown eyes then away. Suddenly she bumped into a guy with long white silver hair. Inuyasha!, she thought. The boy looked at Inuyasha with fear. Kikyo leaned close to him holding her son close.
"Who's he" Inuyasha commented about the boy in her arms.
Kikyo sort of paniced, "Hes your SON!"
Inuyasha gave her a extremely suspisious look and scented her son. He smells of Kikyo and she reaks of Naraku... I bet hes Naraku's son.. That son of a.., Inuyasha thought in rage. He looked Kikyo dead in the eyes, they were still the same as well way. They somewhat showed the urdge to drag him to the depths of hell.
"Hes not my son.. hes Naraku's isn't he" Inuyasha grummbled.
Kikyo looked aorund then at her son,"...Yes he is, His name is Gin"
Gin looked at them both confused not sure what to do or say as he huddled close ot his mother. Inuyasha watched and glared off in the direction she came. Im going ot kill him for this, he thought. Kikyo sighed heavily and looked aorund. Suddenly she saw her reincarnation peek out a bit form the shelter behind a tree. Instantly Kikyo placed her lips on to Inuyasha wanting to make her reincarnation to feel sad or angered. She made sure she couldn't see Gin. Inuyasha pulled away which was unusual and backed away.
"Not today... I don't want a kiss" Inuyasha said and headed away and scented someone else. "Kagome?"
Kagome came out into veiw and looked at Inuyasha and went over to him. Inuyasha watched her. Kikyo was heart broken as her soul collectes wrapped aorund her and lifted her away. That was my only chance ot get him back, she thought angered.
                *                   *                   *                 *
Kikyo woke up to find herself in a hut. Gin was curled up close to her. She let out a shacky breath and held him closely in a protective manner. She made sure the barrier was strong to Naraku couldn't come anywhere near them. She feared Naraku would kill her or Gin. Why did he mate with me if he mated with another women already, Kikyo thought enraged.
Gin opened his eyes a bit and looked at his mother. Kikyo hesitantly began to sing a soothing song for him just to make him feep safe.
I was bored and this couple goes along with my fanfic.
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Wrote part two
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