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A women sat outside a hit watching a little boy run around the area. A little smile of happiness appeared on her face. She accepted him as hers and would never hate him just cause of who his father was. Her black hair glictened in the bright warm sun.
"Mama why do you always look sad" he murmured as he went over to his mother with a flower.
"Im not sad Gin, theres no need to worry about mama," she said in a reassuring tone.
She remembered the day before where she escaped naraku and encountered Inuyasha to find out he didn't want her. Im Kikyo the one he loved first!, Kikyo thought annoyed and rested her eyes on the ground. Gin was confused and slowly placed the flower behind her ear. He then raced off and began to examine any insect in veiw. Kikyo giggled at him in amusement.
Even though I didn't want him I love him with all my heart, Kikyo thought. Gin looked at his mother with a warm smile. She sworn sometimes she could see Naraku in his little innocent face. She shuddered again in thought of Naraku mating with her. Of all things she just wanted to erase that memory. Gin went over to Kikyo holding a frog.
"Look what I got" Gin squealed in delight.
"Oh my big boy got a--" Kikyo stared but sensed Naraku on his away.
Instantly she scooped up her son and hurried away forgeting about her barrier. She just wanted ot not be able ot sense his presence at all. Gin was confused and ended up dropping the frog. He grunted wanting to go back for the frog but Kikyo hurried away. Kikyo lost her energy and passed out. The barrier went down as well. Gin whimpered as tears swelled in his eyes and shook his mother.
"Mama... mama" Gin whimpered.
He looked to his right to see a guy in a baboon skin heading towards him. Gin huddled close to hsi mother and began to cry in fear. Naraku took off hsi mask and looked at Gin.
"Your such a wimp. I can't believe I created you" Naraku growled harshly.
Gin whimpered and cryed harder as he was huddled close to Kikyo's uncounsious body. A beautiful fullbreed walked to naraku's sude with a five year old boy at her side.
"This is your SECOND mate. It sickens me to see you mate with this HUMAN" she hissed and rested her eyes on Kikyo in disgust.
The other boy watched not caring what happened or was going on. The women kicked Kikyo as she was slowly opening ehr eyes. Kikyo groaned in pain and opened her eyes and gasped in horror to see Naraku. Instantly she hugged Gin and put a small barrier around just them.
"How come you mated with her" the women grummbled.
Naraku gripped her throat,"Im getting sick of you always asking STUPID questions"
The women struggled in his grip as she was lifted off the ground. Naraku's gripped tightened aorund her neck as he held her neck with one hand. She gasped for air and soon enough Naraku dug his claws into her. He ended up ripping out her throat. Kikyo instantly shoved Gin's face into her so he couldn't see. Blood strayed across the ground and onto Naraku's clothes. The other boy stared at the blood curiously.
Naraku picked up the boy  by the collor and began to head away. Kikyo watched him off.
"You'll be next" Naraku hissed.
This si the second part that had been requested
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September 9, 2011
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