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A women with long black hair opened her gental brown eyes to find herself laying down alone next to the roots of a tree. She slowly sat up confused as she looked aorund for someone or soemthing. Hesitantly she turned her gaze towards the stream remembering how she got here but fear peirced her heart to be alone. Her brown eyes glazed over as tears formed in her eyes. 'May be Jaken was right that Im only a toy to Sesshomaru', she thought.
Suddenly Sesshomaru walked over to her from behind. He studied her for a while to see the tears formed in her eyes. Slowly he kneeled down next to her. She looked over at Sesshomaru and hugged him. Sesshomaru blinked and rubbed her back gentally in attempt to comfort his mate.
"Whats wrong Rin?" he asked at hsi voice hinted concern.
"I thought you left me all alone" Rin whimpered.
"Rin I wouldn't do such a thing, your my mate remember" Sesshomaru said in a gental tone.
Rin looked up at him with a small smile happy to know that. Sesshomaru kissed her gentally holding her close. Rin returned it and closed her eyes wanting this to last as she was afraid it to be tooken away and gone for good.'Im his mate and no one else is so that means no one can take him away from me...right?', she thought.
Sesshomaru pulled away and picked her up. Rin blushed at this cause she wasn't used to be carried like this now that she was older. Jaken made his way over to his master. Annoyance washed over him to see how Sesshomaru spoiled her. He didn't care that they were mates but he struggled to except the facts his lord chose a humam as a mate. 'So there will be a child and im going to end up as its teething toy', he thought. Rin peered over to Jaken but turned away when Jaken shot her a harsh glare. Rin looked to what was in front of them as Sesshomaru headed on wards.
"I have a surprise for you" he whispered in her ear.
Excitement and joy swelled in her chest. Rin's eyes sparkled with curiousity wanting to know what it was soo badly. Sesshomaru sort of laughed at her reaction. He held her closely while he walked further into the forest.It seemed like forever before they got to a hut. The hut wasn't in a village but it seemed only a little bit away form one. Rin smiled brightly and looked up to Sesshomaru.
"Is this for us?" she asked happily.
"Yes and for any child you bear" he said in a hushed voice.
Rin sort of wiggled in his arms wanitng ot get down and explore their new house. He let her down gentally and instantly she bolted away. Sesshomaru watched and slowly followed after. Rin was zooming around the house like crazy form one room to the next. Sesshomaru smiled at her happily as he watched her from the door way. Rin bolted over to him with a bright smile.
"I love this place and the bath" She said  in delight.
"I'm happy you like it" Sesshomaru said with a small smile.
              *               *                 *                 *
It was getting late by now and Rin headed to take a bath. She took of her clothes and wrapped her body in a towel as she slowly went into the hot water. She felt so relaxed by the hot bath. She smiled a bit as she stared towards the ceiling. Suddenly she heard the door slid open and instantly she turned her gaze towards the door. Sesshomaru came in with a towel coiled aorund his waist.
Rin blushed extremely hard. Then towards the water. Sesshomaru slipped in the water on the far side of the bath.
"Im sorry do you want me ot leave" Rin mummbled not looking up.
"No your fine" Sesshomaru mummbled without a care as he got his silver white hair wet.
Rin hesitantly looked up to see her gaze caught by his then she looked down instantly again. She was still blushing. Sesshomaru took hsi tail off his shoulder so it could soak in the warm water he bathed in. Rin could feel her heart beating fast against her chest. She swore it would pop out of her little chest.
Sesshomaru slowly made his way to Rin curious to her reaction. Rin had only blushed harder now that he made his way to her. Sesshomaru smiled a bit and sat next to her. He rested his eyes gentlly on her face.
"Am i making you uncomfortable" he asked.
"N-no" she stampered.
Sesshomaru kissed her gentally on the lips. Rin's heart pounded faster and harder. He wrapped his tail aorund her. She felt weird by hsi cling wet fur. He held her close to him. Rin tryed to calm a bit.
              *                   *                    *                  *
Rin came out the bathroom after a while and headed for a bedroom and layed down on the futon. She blushed a bit still and curled up under the covers. Jaken peered into the room and growled really quietly as he figured Lord Sesshomaru had mated with her. Sesshomaru came out the bath room with hair still damp as well as his tail. He headed off to a different room then Rin. He settled down in the futon and yawned a bit and closed his eyes. Jaken sighed a bit feeling alone and headed off to a huge room that was like the main room. It had a place to cook food in the center of it. He settled down in a corner.
             *                     *                      *                   *
   A few months later:
Rin was fairly heavy with Sesshomaru's first child. It was taking Rin  while to get used to the idea but she was still extrememly happy. Rin went outside and looked towards the morning sky. She felt as if she were being embraced by the suns raise. Sesshomaru went over to her side in a extremely protective manner. Sesshomaru looked at her belly his eyes shown the slightest curiousity.
Jaken watched them form the shadow of the house. He wasn't sure why he even stuck around them when the pressence of a child was about. But he remember how Rin insisted he stayed with them. Jaken headed back into the hut using his staff to move the bamboo screen.
Rin leaned on Sesshomaru a bit as she rubbed her belly. She knew within a good amount of weeks her child would be due. Sesshomaru rubbed her belly and made Rin jumped surprised. She could very well tell that Sesshomaru was extremely proud about htis child.
"Can we visit Kagome and Inuyasha cause she might be able to give me tips about the child" Rin reasoned.
Sesshomaru snorted in disgust but graduallty began to lead her towards the village wanting ot do anything to make her comfortable or help her. He knew he didn't want to see his ,half breed, half- brother. Rin made her way as she followed close to him. Sesshomaru seemed ready to kill anything that was a threat to rin and his unborn child. Once in the village he looked aoround then began to head towards a hut making sure Rin was close to him. A women with long brown hair walked into a hut with a four month old baby in her arms. A male wiht black hair followed after with two four year old twin girls at his heals while he held a two year old boy in hsi arms.
"That was Sango and Miroku with their childern right?" Rin asked him curiously.
"Yes" he answered dully as he was heading for the hut as well.
Rin was confused to what was going on. But as they got close she could hear a babies muffled crying within the hut. Rin was excited as she realized that Kagome had just given birth to her child. She began to speed up a bit with curiousity. Sesshomaru seemed a little annoyed to have to be going there when that 'women' might have reproduced a half breed like 'its' father. Rin went into the hut with a smile looking around curiously.
A women with long black hair looked towards Rin with a small, pained, smile. She seemed extremely exahusted. A guy with long silver white hair was on the side of her. He seemed concerned not sure if the women was going ot be okay. Sango sat on the womens other side as she held her child close to her.
"Kagome here is ye' child" a old woemn said as she went over to the exahusted women and handed her a baby.
The baby had little dog ears likt the made with long silver white hair but instead they were black. The childs hair was black as well. Rin made her air to Kagome and sat next to Sango. Sesshomaru stood in front of the huts enterance and was annoyed. Miroku looked at the baby then to his daughters who was over near Kagome peering over at the baby closely. Kagome didn't mover her gaze away from the baby.
"She looks like Inuyasha" Run blurted out.
Kagome smiled at that comment seeming delighted. Rin was happy she made Kagome happy. Inuyasha watched his daughter protectively. Sesshomaru stared at Rin like a hawk ready to attack anything that deared touch her. Sango looked ot Rin curiosuly.
"So what brings you here?" Sango asked as she made sure her daughters didn't do anything to bad.
"W-well I sort of just wanted advise" Rin mummbled embarressed and rubbed her belly a bit.
Sango giggled a bit at Rins actions. Rin blinked surprised as Sango's twin daughters bolted over to her.
"Can we feel" they asked at the same time.
"Sure" Rin said hesitantly.
"Be gental Hanako and Haruko" Sango warned.
They nodded and gentally touched Rins belly. She felt weird from their little hands pawing at her belly. She noticed Sesshomaru tense form the corner of her eyes. Sesshomaru began to head over to them. Hanako and Haruko squealed iwht fear and bolted away from Rin and hid behind Miroku.
Sesshomaru snorted and sat next to Rin; he picked her up and put her in his lap. He hugged her in a protective manner and narrowed his eyes at everyone. Rin giggled and kissed his cheek gentally. Kagome looked at Sesshomaru then to Rin.
"Do you want to hold her" Kagome asked meaning her baby.
Rin nodded quickly and reached out for the baby. Kagome gentally handed her the baby. Rin held her and smiled happily at the child. The baby grunted and stirred a bit.
"Shes sooo cute" Rin said in a quiet voice.
Sesshomaru wanted to agree but didn't say a thing at all. Rin looked up at Sesshomaru as excitement blaired off over her. The baby whimpered and bursted into tears. Instantly Rin handed the baby back to Kagome. Kagome rocked the baby but handed her to Inuyasha and layed down tired. Inuyasha froze not sure what to do and put the baby under her arm. Rin stood up and slowly headed outside wtih Sesshomaru close behind her.
Rin watched as Sango and the rest left not long after. Rin looked away towards the forest she knew her home was in. She grunted a bit as she felt her child kick harshly. Sesshomaru looked at her with concern.
"Are you okay," he practically barked in concern.
"Yes Im fine," Rin murmured.
Sesshomaru sighed wiht relief by that as his tail around her gentally. Rin smiled in delight and kissed him gentally on the cheek in return. Once back at the hut Rin sat down at the far side of the room and leaned on the wall tired of walking. Sesshomaru begant o get food ready. Rin watched him with a small smile on her face. She felt scared at the idea of having a child now.
                *                  *                 *                 *
After dinner Rin settled down on her futon. Sesshomaru followed in and huddled close to her. She lookeda t him then closed her eyes comforted as she took in his scent best she could. He watched her then her belly. Curiousity boiled in his chest as well as a mix of pride. He couldn't wait for the child to be born. He hoped it would be a full breed but realized it was his child and would love it whatever breed it was or if it was a human.
                *                  *                 *                  *
Rin woke up and felt to heavy to move and to lazy. She looked around to see Sesshomaru wasn't next to her. So she forced herself up to go and find him. Almost immeadiately Sesshomaru came into the room and looked at Rin.
"Are you sure you want to be up and about," he asked with worry.
"Yeah Im sure I want to be about," Rin said and kissed him gentally on the lips.
She headed past him and smelt food and hurried towards it. Instantly she was shoving all the food she could in her mouth.
"Be careful not to choke," he warned hsi mate.
Rin nodded but continued to eat at her pace and got more as well. Sesshomaru sighed heavily and headed towards the bamboo screen.
"Im going to the village to get some more supplies like food," Sesshomaru said and headed out.
Rin watched him out and layed back bored. Jaken watched Rin then looked at her over larged belly. Rin looked over at Jaken as he jumped and looked away.
Sesshomaru went intot he village and looked around. He headed for a hut to buy meat. Once in he looked aorund the area. The person looked at him curiously. Sesshomaru picked up up some more meat and payed then headed away back towards his hut. He felt happiness as he thought of Rin and headed on to pick up a few more stuff. Rin sighed bored.
"Im not going to become a dog toy for your child," Jaken snapped.
Rin laughed at Jaken amused by that comment. Jaken snorted and headed away, Rin sat up and watched him off.
This is the third part.... im not sure if anyone would like this third part.
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